Saith Power. Greener Power Machine.

The Greener Power Machine (GPM) designed and developed by Saith Technologies. This machine is set to revolutionize the energy sector. It is powered by a Micro-Sonic Energy Device (MSED). The MSED is a technology that generates eectrical power by converting high radio frequency energy directly into electricity. The MSED is both a renewable energy with Zero Emmission. (Carbon Dioxide footprint at Zero). The MSED works perpetually creating enough energy to power the Machine and the Consumer.

Pure Green Energy

Re-imagining Energy Creation.

First of its kind, this power generator requires no form of fuel. Neither does it emit any harmful substances into the environment. Our vision was that it would produce the cleanest energy, using the most efficient methods possible. With Dunamis this became possible. Imagine powering a nations' energy needs without the limitations of resources (natural and fossil) or the cost of emmissions.

We have made it possible.


No Fossil Fuels.

No Natural Resources.

0% Carbon Footprint

The GPM does not emit any dangerous substances. Reducing pollution to 0.

Pin-Drop Silence

A silent operator, the GPM does not emit any sounds.

Works Smart, Not Hard

From Ground up we built the GPM to produce energy with no moving parts.

Scaleable Energy

The age of Flexible Energy.

When we say flexible, we mean just that. The day's of immobile, expensive energy production are over. The engineering team have outdone themselves. Scaleability and energy are now friends - you can power a home, or a nation, the choice is now in your hands.

Built to be extremely mobile and simple to deploy, all you need is land.

It's a thing of beauty.

Pure Sine Wave without any glitches (50Hz).

World Class Output

We pushed electrical engineering to new levels, at 50Hz, it delivers world class performance. The 'perfect' sine wave output produced will ensure that even sensitive loads will be correctly powered, with no noise or interference.

Secure Energy

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Safe as Houses

Once deployed, the GPM is fully secure. Installed are world class systems which enable us to monitor it. It is highly computerised and intelligent, running autonomously.

Lightning Safe

When the thunder gets tough, the GPM keeps going. Installed is a powerful lightining resistor which turns lightning from foe to friend.

Cutting Edge Dignostics

Remote monitoring the machine through GPRS, GSM, TDMA, CDMA, FIBRE and VSAT.

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