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"Thus saith the Lord, the Redeemer of Israel, and his Holy One, to him whom man despiseth, to him whom the nation abhorreth, to a servant of rulers, Kings shall see and arise, princes also shall worship, because of the Lord that is faithful, and the Holy One of Israel, and he shall choose thee."

Saith Technologies is a dynamic, innovative, and transformational Technology Company that is incorporated inand primarily operates out of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Saith also has offices in the Republic of South Africa. Saith Technologies has the demonstrable ability to create innovative and trailblazing technologies that are challenging the age-old thinking that routinely questions whether anything good can come out of Africa. Welcome to the world of Saith Technologies, an African Company that is proudly showcasing Africa’s creative and innovative pedigree to the world.

Our vision is to be the world's leading company offering innovative, user friendly industrial and consumer solutions, whilst striving for technical leadership.

We are committed to inspire the world by developing groundbreaking technologies, innovative products and creative soliutions that will add value and satisfy consumer needs. We are market focused and committed to exellence in serving our valued customers.

Honesty, Integrity, Dependability, Reliability, Efficiency, Exactness, Commitment and Open Mindset.

Our Team

Maxwell Sangulani Chikumbutso

Founder, CTO and Executive Chairman

Maxwell was born and raised in Harare’s Kuwadzana Township, primarily by his hardworking and prayerful mother. He is an Inventor extra-ordinaire. Maxwell discovered his inventing abilities at a very young age and without any formal schooling.He is endowed with an engineering prowess that defies conventional logic and has baffled many qualified engineers.Maxwell unequivocally credits God with his extra-ordinary giftedness. He declares that God has taught him how to create all his inventions. His amazing inventory of inventions is the basis upon which Saith Group was founded. Maxwell feels that he is called upon to improve the lives of ordinary people with his God given innovative abilities. Maxwell’s extra-ordinary giftedness and his unapologetic spirituality and unyielding belief in God encapsulates ethos upon which Saith Technologies was founded and is operated. Maxwell is driven by his ever-growing passion to ameliorate the lives of ordinary people, thereby paying homage to his humble beginnings.

Lawrence Kho

Chief Executive Officer

Lawrence is the Founder and President of International Diversified Products (IDP) which he established in 1986. This highly successful product-development business that creates products, technologies and solutions for selected corporate clients is built on Lawrence’s commitment to a relationship-centered approach to business and is a natural legacy of his more than twenty-five years as a motivational speaker and personal development facilitator. Inspired by his recognition of the potential inherent in America’s youth, Lawrence founded the Students for a Better Tomorrow Foundation (SBT), an organization dedicated to mentoring youth in successful relationship-building and entrepreneurial business skills through an experiential, interactive after-school program designed for at- risk teens and offered in high schools throughout the Los Angeles area. In 2003 Lawrence was the recipient of America’s Promise – Marketable Skills Award for his contribution and empowerment of America’s teens, ensuring them a more promising future through the development and learning of marketable skills. Calling upon his 40 years of expertise in manufacturing, automation, design, marketing and international sales, Lawrence crafted the Brand for Good vision which is a powerful non-charitable business model designed to harness the power of conscious capitalism by offering a broad spectrum of socially-responsible products and services of exceptional quality to pay for humanitarian services. By delivering the human and capital resources, the expertise, the technology and a strategy to empower society to co-create opportunities for the betterment of mankind, Brand for Good will add value to the lives of individuals around the world.

Shupikai Chitagu

Chief Finance Officer

Shupikai is an Accountant. She is a member of the South Africa Association of Accountants (SAAA). Shupikai also holds an Executive Certificate in Diplomatic Secretarial and Administration (University of Zimbabwe), a Qualification in Business Management and Data Management and Analysis (SPSS) Diploma (University of Zimbabwe) Shupikai has been with Saith Technologies since its inception. She is responsible for all the financial affairs of Saith Technologies.

Nils Rognerud

Technical Advisor

Engineer Nils has worked as a quant with some of Silicon Valley's biggest "Markets Wizards" and holds a B.S.E.E. with highest honors from Gjovik Technical College, Norway. Originally a physicist, Engineer Nils has been involved in the computer industry in the Silicon Valley area since his Immigration to the United States in 1980. He has worked in the high-tech industry as a consultant for advanced Micro Devices for prominent firms such as IBM, Pacific Bell, Hewlett Packard, TRW, AutoDesk and Wells Fargo Bank. His experience as an engineer, is such that Engineer Nils is familiar with current hardware and software technologies and trends of the companies in this industry. He is also a recognized academic with an enviable arsenal of published works. As a world-renowned expert in alternative and exotic energy solutions, Engineer Nils is a formidable member of the Saith Technologies Team. Engineer Nils is also involved in market time-series forecasting using the most advanced forms of Computational Intelligence. He is highly experienced with computerized and global financial trading, including the building of mathematical models using Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Case Based Reasoning, Statistics, Fuzzy Logic, and other mathematical tools.

Ephesians Manu Masoka

Business Development Officer

Ephesians is a seasoned Business Executive whose experience in Strategy Formulation and Transformation Design spans over a decade. He is a certified Computer Systems Analyst with Association of Computer Professionals (UK). Ephesians also holds a M.A. in Organizational Leadership, and another M.A. in Transformational Leadership from the Global Academy for Transformational Leadership in Florida, USA.

Dr. Engineer Quinton Kanhukamwe

Chief Principal Technical Advisor

Dr Quinton is the Current Vice Chancellor of the Harare Institute of Technology. He is a leading academic in Engineering who has taught at several universities including the University of Zimbabwe and the National University of Science and Technology (Nust). He holds the following qualifications: PhD (Mechanical Engineering) Amity University; MSc. Engineering (Manufacturing Engineering Specializing in Foundry Technology); Certificate in Management (IIEP); Certificate in Higher Education Management (Israel) and Certificate in University Management (China). Dr Quinton is an esteemed member of the following Professional Organizations: Institute of Industrial Engineers (MIIE) USA; Institute of Cast Metals Engineers (MICME)UK; Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers (ZIE). Apart from his outstanding work as an Academic with a large collection of published works, Dr Quinton has served and continues to serve on the boards of several prominent organizations in Zimbabwe and abroad.

Dr. Farai Katsande

Chief Advisor

Dr. Katsande holds a PHD in Transformational leadership. Ever focused on bettering his best, he is also working on another PHD in Organizational Leadership with Regent University. Dr. Katsande also holds Master of Arts in Leading Innovation and Change, an Executive Diploma in Business Leadership, and a Diploma in Accounting. Dr. Katsande is a renowned Corporate Strategist and Business Executive with proven experience establishing, leading, and growing top performing corporate teams. He serves on several Boards.